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Nov 5, 2012 4:00pm PST
the election. >> our fight goes on because america always does best. everybody does their fair share and plays by the same rules. that is what we believe and what you elected me in 2008 that. is why i'm running for second term of president of the united states. >> it's been a hectic day as well for mitt romney comp yaining in ohio, virginia and new hampshire after starting in orlando, florida. the republican saying the president failed to live up to his promises and urged supporters to get to polls tomorrow. >> we have one job left to, make certain everybody who is qualified to vote gets out to vote. we need every vote in florida. >> the final poll at the campaign shows president obama leading romney nationally. the same poll reflects a four day rolling average showed romney head by a point on thursday. >> in florida thousands of people waited in lines around state to vote by absentee ballot. some people waited three to four hours. this process allows voters to request ballots or return ballots by mail over the weekend people waited up to eight hours to vote. democrats blame republican governo
Nov 28, 2012 4:00pm PST
have caused his trash talking. >> plus, how you can win a date with america's favorite golden girl. >> mid week traffic. headlights coming towards you are pret pretty slow. >>> interesting. an apology from one of the stars of "two and a half men". actor angus jones appeared on a religious web site saying the show was quite qoet, filth, urging people not to watch the show, jones has become a born again christian saying the more he explores his religion the less he wants to be on the show. today, jones issued a statement saying he did not mean disrespect to colleagues or to the opportunities that he's had. another born again christine actor steven baldwin defended jones on good morning america. >> is it possible to be successful in hollywood and be an outspoken christian? >> doesn't seem like it. does it? >> steven baldwin claims he has been denied roles because of his beliefs. jones character will not be in remaining shows to be taped. >> fans of betty white can go on ebay and bid for a date with the 90-year-old actress, all proceeds will benefit prevention of cruelty to animals. th
Nov 1, 2012 4:00pm PDT
corporation of america is holding a five day event, providing counseling and meetings with lenders at no charge. >> there isqz10l so many scams t there. if you don't feed predators they can't survive. >> it's called american dream convenient running through monday in san jose. you'll find more on this on abc 7 >> new developments in a trial where a former principal is accused of not reporting a case of possible child abuse. >> cameras are not allowed in the courtroom but we have the latest. >> happening now a fornler principal takes the stand to explain why she didn't report a disturbing incident of she told the jury she believed what happened between him and an 8-year-old student. the third grader came to the defendant in october 2011 and says her teacher blind folded her, told her to lie down and put something gooey in her mouth. the principal says the teacher convinced her the activity was part of a lesson plan involving helen keller, sensory deprivation and empathy for the disabled. chand sler now facing felony counts. prosecutors say the principal failed in her re
Nov 14, 2012 4:00pm PST
is the biggest message being sent by voters. also, made in america tonight. it is possible corporate giant could take your idea and have it made in china then sell it in their stores? our made in america detective >>> driving on the sidewalk past a stop school bus, it's punishment today. >> sheena harden back today holding the sign reading only an idiot would drive on the sidewalk to avoid a school bus. a judge chose that unique punishment after harden was videotaped zooming past a stopped school bus on the sidewalk and she was doing this day after day. today harden remains defiant refusing to apologize when prodded by neighborhood residents. >> the kids just apologize to the kids for what you did. what you did was not right. you know it's not right. say i'm sorry skpb done with it. >> you're nothing. >> and today harden held a sign up most of the time she was not seen smoking or using her cell phone as she did the day before. that angered the judge considering personally supervising harden. >> that video is amazing that they'd think there is a rit to do this. >> a program to appoint high school
Nov 16, 2012 4:00pm PST
didn't bother to disguys him sex he is accused of robbing the bank of america in the richmond district november 7th. the d.a.says he walked in at about 4:45rks gave the teller a demand note that said he had a weapon. the teller gave him $1700 cash, $1700 cash, he fled on foot. police used fingerprints on the note and bank surveillance video to identify tong. he was arrested at 7:30 this morning outside of the vif jail where he works. the sheriff office would not confirm if he was leaving or arriving for the shift at that time. here is what we know about him so far. senior deputy phillip tong is 36 years old, he's been a deputy since 2005, assigned to the custody division here at the jail. he is facing two felony charges, second degree robbery and burglary commercials. he's being held on $150,000 bail, right now, he's on unpaid administrative leave, will be terminated. live in san francisco, abc 7 news. >> a former pinole police commander is under arrest and charged with elder abuse, police are looking for his wife, officers say he was a police commander when he and his wife committed f
Nov 22, 2012 4:00pm PST
is the first domestic carrier. >> it's smooth and quiet. >> see what is the fuss. "good morning america" visited the boeing assembly planted and took the controls in a flight simulator in houston where pilots train to fly. >> hold it like this. beautiful. >> here is front landing. >> it was good. we're good. >> enjoying the test flight over the midwest to see for ourselves. >> the airlines are buying these because they are cheaper to fly but will sell you on comforts, there is more oxygen on the plane and cleaner and they have huge storage bins. you can fit four suitcases in here. >> the plastic body is stronger than metal so the air pressure can be kept at 6,000 feet instead of 9,000 in most jets. that translates to less jet lag and dry skin. windows are larger and can be dimmed at a touch of a finger. indirect multicolored lighting makes a calmer feeling on board. >> a new generation of plane designed to fly long and cheaper and with style. >> carolyn: still ahead the thanksgiving messages from president obama and the republicans. >> i'm laura anthony in danville where wild turkeys ro
Nov 7, 2012 4:00pm PST
fought our way back. we know in our hearts that for the united states of america the best is yet to come. >> obama won ohio, the critical swing state with 18 electoral votes. the state now voted for the winning presidential candidate in the last 13 elections. and no republican won without the state of ohio. >> the president will face the same divide at congress, democrats will retain control of the senate. republicans lost three key senate seats. two independents generally vote with them. there is now a record high number of women serving in the senate. women hold 19 of the seats. the house is staying in republican hands with 233 republicans and 185 democrats. and nancy pelosi's decision as to whether she will remain minority leader. >> there is fear there is going to be more political gridlock in store for the next four years in washington. many hoping the obama administration will follow the bipartisan example president clinton set during his second term. the head of california republican party raising taxes is still taboo and hopes house republicans hold their ground. >> student compr
Nov 12, 2012 4:00pm PST
like new york city. oh, my gosh. >> they've been sent this routine by spirit of america pro ducks will join 498 others, 500 of them doing this. many of them have been dancing here since they're in kindergarten. it's like family, they develop teamwork and self confidence. >> the way she teaches us in class is like helping us in life. in general. >> culminating this time on thanksgiving day in new york. >> everybody is doing this together it's going to look awesome with many people. >> stud students have been doing fund raising. it's about a great perform skbrens a lesson in history. >> great opportunity. >> we'll be looking for them. >> yes. >> a massachusetts boy learned if you really want something, go to the internet. >> the 7-year-old posted this photo said hey, facebook my sister and i want a cat. my papa promises we can get one if we can get a thousand likes please like this picture, thank you. >> hey, facebook? yeah. the dad, dan, thought the deal would be the best way to get kids to stop asking for a cat. dad was very, very wrong. >> remi got the cat. his photo received 110
Nov 13, 2012 4:00pm PST
be voted offer but america loves her. >> if you're popular, you stay on the show. >> up next a film spanned generations. we'll have a look at what it took to create the nufy as it celebrates 75 years. >> and a permanent reminder of a failed campaign on his face. what this guy is saying now about the logo honoring mitt romney. >>> the film that created a an nation history is celebrating its 75th anniversary. >> an exhibition opens thursday at walt disney family museum. >> don sanchez has a preview. >> a classic, first feature length film ever made, pains takingly. >> hundreds were hired and they created a film that captivated audiences.. >> it's an icon named number one animated film. and get back in the 19 30s walt disney created it at great right after this tok his career. >> a gamble. he had to mortgage his house to continue to produce the film. >> his daughter remembers the time. >> you believe a film had an audience. it was an audience that would accept it. >> he was right. this ground breaking film seen by 20 million people in three months of release. now we have an opportunity tochl p
Nov 23, 2012 4:00pm PST
count america's economy made up of 23 million small businesses such as ones at burlingame. on this black friday, many of them being overshadowed but shoppers at malls and now, major chains cut putting squeeze on them, on mean streets of the bay area. locales call it the avenue, however, it's a cluster ofzç$r boutiques and shops, now dominated by chains, ones often found in malls and on this black friday, those chains have brought predatory pricing that threatened viability of shops owned by four generations of the same family. >> everybody talks about black friday. 50%. >> i cannot do that. people come here because they want to stay away from malls. they don't want a part of it. that saved me. >> main streets find consumers have grown accustomed to and expect rock bottom prices.. >> people are looking for prices. there are some people that we have. that is how we are surviving here. but not everybody, anyone. >> a campaign to get shoppers to support the stores owned by sole pro pry tores. >> you do like to support those. you get a small coffee shop and people that like to support the lo
Nov 26, 2012 4:00pm PST
. police say he's demanding money from a teller in a bank of america and running off with $1700.jmyrw the judge made tong surrender his gun and passport. he has an order to stay away from the bank and teller. >> a 14-year-old girl died today after she was struck by a pickup truck riding her bike to school. it happened at jefferson avenue. police say the man stopped after the crash and he is cooperating with investigators they try to figure out what led to this tragedy. >> happening now, investigators are trying to figure out what caused a crash that killed four people on highway 50. three of them are a family from san francisco. officers say the prius veered off and hit a minivan. a 10-year-old survived. we'll hear from relatives coming up on abc 7 news at 5:00. >> santa clara county prosecutors revealed they're considering charging a 15-year-old as an adult following a crime spree. he was arrested on friday. police believe the teenager teamed up with this man, a 26-year-old johna kran dawson willbanks in at least four robberies. the police suspect him of killing a man and wounding a
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11